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Established in 2002 and passionate about European style and design, Bellini Furniture produces high quality and innovative furniture at an affordable price point.

The brand offers unparalleled furnishings that enable individuals to express their personal style in fresh and exciting ways. With a focus on carrying unique products that have diverse but fashion forward appeal, the brand works with only the best designers worldwide including well-known New York based designers Stanley Jay Friedman and Brad Asclan, Milanese designers Yoshi Hatano and Dominique Fazioli, and German designer Christian Mayer.

Characterized by graceful fluidity and a minimalist sensibility, the brand is European luxury at its best. Italian in inspiration, the Bellini school of style leads the modern tide for clean lines and pared-down aesthetics with furniture that is impeccably crafted and thoughtfully designed. Bellini modern living is defined by its sculptural details, with contemporary contrasts in materials found in veneered surfaces in high gloss finishes paired with supple leather and rich woods.

Sager’s has temporarily closed our showroom to the public due to ongoing public health concerns. As well we have paused our residential deliveries to do our part in not facilitating exposure to our staff and customers. Please be advised that our office continues to operate as does our warehouse as we accumulate product to be delivered to our customers as soon as we are able to do so. We thank you for your business and wish everyone the best of health. Please contact the store if you have further questions.